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A hilarious twist on a Yuletide classic! Tim is no longer Tiny, Scrooge wants to do the play in Spanish, and their funding is on hold pending an inspection from the National Endowment for the Arts! When a wide-eyed wannabe actor shows up at a struggling theatre,  good intentions backfire and the production goes horribly awry. High hopes, mistaken identities and some of KC’s funniest actors create comedic  mayhem. Featuring Cathy Barnett, Robert Gibby Brand, Phil Fiorini, John Rensenhouse, Nancy Marcy, Patrick Du Laney, Marilyn Lynch, Bob Linebarger, Vincent Wagner, Jessica Biernaki Jensen, Thomas Tucker, John Van Winkle, Beckett Pfanmiller. Directed by Theodore Swetz. Co-produced by Unicorn Theatre and Kansas City Actors Theatre in partnership with UMKC Theatre. Written by Daniel Sullivan and The Seattle Repertory Theatre.
Unicorn Theatre
Kansas City MO
$30; student and group pricing available.
Performing Arts
Sunday, December 30 @ 3:00 pm

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