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Kansas City artist Kent Davis will show a collection of his illuminated wall relief sculptures in an exhibit at Park University, Tuesday, Dec. 18, through Thursday, Jan. 31, 2013. The exhibit will take place at the Campanella Gallery on the University’s Parkville Campus. Davis, who grew up in Raytown, Mo., said that he has been intrigued by light and illumination since he was a child when he built glow-in-the-dark models. “As I got older, I began collecting odd and unusual lamps. Eventually, I began creating illuminated sculptures that have since evolved into the pieces I currently make.” In creating those pieces, Davis said he likes to work with wood and light, as well as paper, “due to its fragility, flexibility and beauty.” Davis said he looks for inspiration in things such as leaves, clouds, shells, seed pods and even the curls of his girlfriend’s hair. “Meditative, ethereal, organic and calming
Park University
Kansas City MO
Art Galleries & Exhibits
Thursday, January 31

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