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Supporting Acts: Grow People Zach Jackson and The Funky Few Years ago, funk was born. It spread to the people and jived around the world. A funk brought to the people straight from the soul train. As the years passed, funk was being overlooked in the music world. It has been passing on through some pretty great bands over the years, but the funk has been hurting to shine in the prime. The funk gods assembled and discussed their plans for their trek to regain the world. They found it fit to send a man of their world to the people. The man was more than a person with two first names, he was known to be one of the funkiest prophets of this generation. So the funk gods called for the mothership to send the afrolicious Zach Jackson to Earth. Somewhere along his journey to send the funk, Zach Jackson's ship came across a black hole. The ship was spit through and made it without a scratch, but what happened inside would change things up completely. Zach Jackson was separated into two people. Zach Bozeman and Jack Norman. The ship hit Earth, and in a dusty confusion, the two were lost from each other. Throughout their lives, they've been on a quest that they started together in the stars in space. Now that Zach and Jackson have found each other, they use the power of funk to fuse together. They are joined by a powerful crusade of funky ninjas. Evan Rennell keeps the bass thumpin while Jacob Lee-Brockhoff tops of the funk with his shredded jams. To get the funk across, they mix in many genres to their core. Happiness can be found in a funky jam!
Czar Bar
Kansas City MO
Concerts & Tour Dates
Friday, December 28 @ 7:00 pm

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